Macao: A foodie’s paradise | A virtual tour

Macao is a lively destination full of energetic and exciting experiences. The food culture in Macao attracts tremendous awe and wonder. The mixed influence of Chinese and Portuguese cuisine is definitely going to be a delight to your taste buds. From freshly baked Portuguese egg tarts to some delicious Pork Chop buns, the food in Macao is going to be true to exotic Asian and European flavours. Also, the seafood in Macao is something that should be on your list. The variety that you will find when it comes to food, will surely surprise you. It will just leave you wanting more.
Macanese food is very unique in the way it is presented. Every Macanese dish is known to be a delight to the tourists and the popularity of it spreads worldwide. Your trip to Macau would be incomplete if you don’t treat yourself to the famous Macanese food.
Macao eagerly awaits you to try some of their best delicacies. Until then, you can watch a short video on Macanese cuisine right here.

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