Go around Macao in a rickshaw

Macao, a beautiful city with a blend of Chinese and Portuguese culture is a popular holiday destination. One of the most recommended things to do when in Macao is the rickshaw ride. Combining the design of carriage and bicycle, this vehicle is well-liked for a very long time.
Witness the glamour and architectural wonders of Macao while you ride the rickshaw. Taking the rickshaw and exploring the beauty of this wonderful destination is one of the most unique and fun ways. You will definitely enjoy this lovely ride with a gentle breeze touching your face in the shades of old banyan trees.
When in Macao, you will see many tourists taking the rickshaw to tour the cultural city. It’s one of the easiest ways to get around the city and admire the wonders of it. Also, if requested, drivers will gladly help to take photos for passengers along the journey. So make sure to experience this amazing rickshaw ride on your next visit to Macao. You can also get a glimpse of this spectacular city through a captivating 360⁰ view.

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