Wushu Masters Challenge- Reviving the Ancient Lineage of Martial Arts!

Macao’s cultural diversity is renowned and exemplary. One of its finest examples is the assimilation of various events and sports. A very popular martial arts event in Macao is the Wushu Masters Challenge.

One of the most sought after events in the world of martial arts, Wushu Masters Challenge will take place from 2nd– 5th August 2018 in several venues. Considered to be one of the treasure troves of Chinese culture, ‘wushu’, is the Chinese word for martial arts. Ideated and executed in an attempt to promote friendship among the world’s greatest Wushu masters, this event is a perfect combination of tourism, athletics, sports and culture.

The ancient art of ‘Wushu’ involves two major components- taolu and sanda. Taolu comprises various martial art patterns and acrobatic feats whereas sanda is a modern fighting style which consists of boxing, kick-boxing and wrestling. Overall, the diverse martial art of wushu is an interesting combination of various athletic activities.

A fascinating aspect about the Wushu Masters Challenge is that it encourages the participation of residents and tourists alike, thus increasing the familiarity of the art and managing to publicize it too.

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