Wishing Crystals Show

Another fascinating attraction at ‪Macao‬ is the WISHING CRYSTALS SHOW at the $1.9 billion hotel, Galaxy Macau. Presenting to its audience an amazing show of pulsating music and lights, these crystals emerge from the ground beneath and shower the visitors with blessings.

An otherwise staid place, a hotel lobby, has now become an acclaimed entertainment destination featuring the works of world’s foremost live show designer, Jeremy Railton, whose dramatic designs have won him four Emmys, four Themed Entertainment Design Awards and an Art Directors Guild Award.

Conceptualized as a forest of large, magic gemstones, the exhibit is highly interactive. As guests walk the bridges and move within range of the various crystals, harmonies are produced. This multisensory display incorporates sound, light, and touch into a symphonic show.

The myths of good fortune, health and harmony were the inspiration behind the design. The design elicits a feeling that the visitor has entered a realm of good fortune as they explore the crystal forest.

The technology used to create the experience is quite advanced. A series of sophisticated motion sensors activate unique visual effects within the crystals. A corresponding reaction occurs with sound features that play melodies or beats when a person approaches. One person’s approach will trigger a specific combination of visual and sound effects. When a second person moves within the crystals and triggers a response, the result is a different but complementary combination of music and visual effects.

As multiple people move within the exhibit, dormant clusters of crystal come to life and the intensity and variety of sounds and lights increase. In a sense, the experience is like that of a symphony orchestra, with different tones and voices playing together and blending into something beautiful and wholly different. When all the different sections of crystal are activated, the show concludes with a grand symphonic finish. The possible permutations of light and music are incredibly varied, with a staggering 1.4 million different potential combinations. With such variety, visitors can be delighted again and again.

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