The Art Macao June 2019 Companion: What You Cannot Miss!

‘Art Macao’ is a five-month mega international art and cultural event, in which visual arts works, art installations; musical and theatrical performances are presented at various exhibition venues in Macao. It is an unforgettable artistic summer full of emotions. From June to October, Macao will be imbued with artistic vitality and creativity with surprises at each corner!

Watch out for the following creations beginning in the month of June to get the true aesthetic sense of the festival:

Interspace’ by Nam Kwong (Group) Company Limited: 8th June 2019 to 31st October 2019:


Interspace’ by Nam Kwong (Group)

‘Interspace’ is a collection of works by famous French sculptor Gabrielle Wambaugh. It reflects the integration of space and art. The essence and introspection of contemporary western art in the works can be combined with eastern traditional art. This exhibition showcases the daring tendencies of exploration in the new era by revealing the hidden truth through space! Space creates us and we create art. Witness this rendezvous and be inspired!

‘All that’s Gold does Glitter: An Exhibition of Glamorous Ceramics’ by Sands China Ltd.: 8th June 2019 to 9th October 2019:

Exhibition of Glamorous

Exhibition of Glamorous Ceramics’ by Sands China Ltd.

Ceramics is one of China’s biggest contributions to the world. Macao has been a major gateway for the international ceramics trade. Sands China has invited Caroline Cheng, a renowned ceramic artist, to curate an international exhibition. Some 80 masterpieces by more than 20 artists worldwide will be displayed at Sands China properties and the Macao Museum of Art. A series of activities will also be available to the public as a part of the exhibition! If this is your muse, we suggest you assemble at the Art Macao festival!

‘Hua Yuan: A Metamorphosis: No End to End’ by MGM: 7th June 2019 to 3rd September 2019:

Hua Yuan

Hua Yuan: A Metamorphosis

Ink flows with the history and art of Chinese culture. MGM presents a modern artistic experience by Wen Ma, which takes ink to a subliminal level. This specially created multimedia masterpiece maximizes the space at The Spectacle and demonstrates the diversity of ink using natural, sculptural and virtual textures through 3 installation operas in one act, with ‘Paradise Interrupted’ at MGM Theatre as the grand finale. Meanwhile, Yang Youngliang’s ‘Journey to the Dark II’ harnesses technology and video graph to showcase the transformation of Chinese ink via a digital landscape painting. Through Hua Yuan, the essence of Chinese culture and art is preserved and progressed, allowing the public to experience the beauty of ink and wonder at its possibilities. Be a spectator of this elegant masterpiece only at Art Macao!

Beauty in the New Era – Masterpieces from the Collection of the National Art Museum of China: 4th May 2019 to 28th July 2019:

Beauty in the New Era

Beauty in the New Era

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Macao Museum of Art (MAM). On this special occasion, MAM and the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) have co-organized this event. The exhibition features nearly 90 works by modern and contemporary framed artists from the collection of NAMOC, aiming to fully present the development of Chinese fine art over the last 100 years.

‘Reminiscences of the Silk Road Exhibition of Cultural Relics of the Western Xia Dynasty”: 1st June 2019 to 6th October 2019:

Reminiscences of the Silk Road Exhibition

Reminiscences of the Silk Road Exhibition

The Macao museum in collaboration with the Ninxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum has organized this special exhibition. This thematic show of the Western Xia relics primarily showcases the archaeological finds about the Western Xia. A fine selection of 148 pieces (sets) of art relics; some rare items make their first appearances outside the Ninxia Hui Autonomous Region. Be a part of history and know your heritage with this!

Being around artifacts is alluring.  Explore these art affairs; travel in time and watch Art come alive at Art Macao!

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