The 3 Day Itinerary for Macao Visit!

Macao, a small but culturally vivid location in China, is a must visit for explorers. Being a neighbour to Hong Kong, Macao is not just about exploring the marvel of heritage sites, but also engaging in the casinos and tasting the fusion of Portuguese-Chinese cuisine. Commonly known as the Vegas of the East, Macao is blessed with glittering glamour and sophistication. The entire city is brimming with heritages and historical places which are a must visit. If you are planning to visit Macao for 3 days, then creating an itinerary is important. By creating an itinerary, you can make sure you explore the best places of Macao.

We bring you the places which you can explore or things you can do for 3 days in Macao:

Day 1- Relish the Portuguese Egg Tarts, Visit Museums & Explore Ancient Ruins:

Start your day by exploring the Coloane Village, a quaint area filled with pastel houses. You can stroll along the long walkways and marvel at the Chapel of St Francis which is known for its intricate architecture. The Portuguese egg tarts at the Lord Stow Bakery are known for churning out the best and tasty butter. This is a crowd puller. There is a picturesque cafe which is ideal for blissful mornings and sipping up a coffee.
During the afternoon, you can head to the Macao Grand Prix Museum and Wine Museum. The museum was opened in the year 1993 and holds a special place for thrill seekers as they can participate in the Macao Grand Prix that takes place in November.
As the sun starts setting down, visit the Ruins of St. Paul to revel in the beauty of the grand stone steps and the sunset. As the day ends, get back to your room and rest for the night.

Day 2- Delightful Blend of Adrenaline and Heritage:

Want to get into the action mode? Then try out the bungee jumping from the Macao Tower space from where you can jump from the height of 233 metres and embark on the free-falling activity. Give yourself a dare and jump off the cliff to enjoy the free fall. Once you are done, lace up for the walking tour to see the places around. Discover the heritage sites of Macau. Start your journey from Senado Square and cover St. Augustine Square, St. Lawrence’s Church Mandarin’s House and others.
At night, stroll at the Broadway Macao, a hawker-style street displaying the traditional Macanese street market. Don’t miss out on tasting the local cuisine, especially at the Michelin-star restaurants. Hunt down for Macao souvenirs for your friends and family.

Day 3- Explore at the place at your best:

On the last day of your trip, start your journey by visiting Mandarin’s House, the old house of Zheng Guanying from the Qing Dynasty. The house reflects the Chinese construction and western architectural styles. Then take a 5-minute walk to Rue/Calcada da Barra, a sacred A-MA Temple to experience the local incense and pray for luck and fortune. If you feel like having lunch, then take a bus to Taipa Island where you will find some amazing food stalls including the white buns stuffed with a mixture of meat and vegetables. The pork bun sandwich defines the fusion of Western and Chinese flavours.

Once you are done with lunch, visit Jardim Da Cidade Das Flores or Municipal Garden, which is a fine example of a Chinese garden having a large pond, small pavilions and lovely bridges. Also, visit the Taipa-Houses Museum built in 1921 having historical artefacts. At the end of the 3-day tour, don’t miss out on exploring the House of Dancing Water, a popular show displaying seven emotions of Chinese Confucian belief.

Do seek help from tour operators and online travel websites to get more assistance on creating 3-day tour itinerary to Macao. This will certainly help you make the most of the 3-day tour.

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