Macao’s Colorful Lusofonia Festival

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[Written by Moeedul Hussain]

A land that is diversified by multiple cultures and united by its integrity, Macao showcases a plethora of traditions and a heart-warming ambience. No matter what time of year it is, fun and fiesta never ends in this special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China! And while talking about fun and fiesta, the Lusofonia Festival deserves a special mention in the list of Macao’s events and festivals!

Attended by both locals as well as tourists from across the globe, Lusofonia Festival is adored as one of the most vigorously celebrated cultural events in Macao. An annual festival, it ushers a unique charm and liveliness throughout the resort-city; the entire of Macao comes out together to observe Lusofonia Festival with great ardour.


  • Origin of Lusofonia Festival:

Once dominated by the Chinese fishing communities, Macao witnessed the influx of Portuguese traders in 1557. Since then, this resort city has embraced Portuguese cultures and traditions as its own, and has been celebrating its festivals with equal avidity and fervour!

The Lusofonia Festival is among the most rejoicing events among the Portuguese in Macao. It is a 3-days’ festival that was first held in the year 1993. Back then, it was introduced to commemorate the contribution of Portuguese communities towards the growth and developments of Macao. Observed on the 10th of June, it was then called as the ‘Portuguese Expatriate Day’. With the passage of time, the celebration got rescheduled to the mid or latter part of October.

During its inception, ten different Portuguese-speaking communities: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Goa, Daman and Diu, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Príncipe, Macao and East Timor assembled together to showcase their cultural aspects. Indian Portuguese-speaking communities from Goa and Daman and Diu also participated in this gala festival many a times.

Festivity included Portuguese folk music, artefacts, traditional costumes, work of literature, ancient photographs, and a diverse range of authentic cuisines. The community members also participated in exchanging thoughts and ideas with the locals and tourists to offer them a livelier glimpse of cultures and traditions followed by the Portuguese-speaking groups. Soul-soothing exotic foods, range of local drinks, exciting games, regional musical shows and traditional performances by Portuguese artists were the most desirable features of this festival!


  • Lusofonia Festival 2017:

This year, Macao has celebrated its 20th Lusofonia Festival from the 19th of October. Fun and revelry of this cultural fiesta continued for four long days, and was wind up on 22nd October. This year, the festival was observed for consecutive four days to mark its 20th anniversary.

The Cultural Affairs Bureau and Permanent Secretariat of Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation hosted this fun-filled carnival at Taipa-House. With Macao Government Tourism Office and the Civic Municipal Affair Bureau being the co-host, visitors experienced a kaleidoscopic display of Portuguese culture and rediscover history in the most amusing ways through music, dance performances, culinary delights, and lot more.


  • Activities and Events in Lusofonia Festival 2017:

Whilst attending this celestial event, visitors will get to witness, experience, and embark on a unique journey through the diverse Portuguese culture. Each day of the festival will include performances by Portuguese artists and performers from nine different countries. All the groups will present the indigenous dance and musical form of their countries; local groups from Macao will also participate in this entertaining sojourn.

Adding more to the fun-frolic and excitement of Lusofonia Festival, Taipa-House will also host a restaurant that will serve only Portuguese delicacies to the visitors. To make this fete more exuberant, visitors will also get to participate in traditional football games and lot more.

This four days’ event will also feature a dedicated radio-station that will relay Portuguese music. Macao Grand Prix Simulator will serve as an additional attraction to the thrill seekers attending this event. Children participating Lusofonia Festival 2017 can also indulge in an array of exciting activities. To name a few, there will be pony rides, outdoor games, and photography.


  • Conclusion:

This colourful and groovy festival is for people who want to explore and discover the peace and harmony that exists in Macao. Be a guest to Lusofonia Festival 2017 to unravel the pages of history while savouring on traditional music, folk culture, and lip-smacking Portuguese cuisines!

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