Macao Light Festival – A must attend event

The Macao Light Festival is one the biggest and the grandest event that takes place every year in various locations of the Macao Peninsula and on the islands. This event is usually held in the month of December, however this year it is from 26th September to 31st October 2020. The Macao Light Festival originated in the year 2015 with an intension to display Macao’s very own rich and varied cultures and traditions. This event is considered to be one of the biggest events in Macao because it is a great artistic way of promoting its age-old legacy. When in Macao, you definitely do not want to miss this as it promises to fascinate you and leave you with an experience of a lifetime


The festival includes an extravaganza of projection mapping shows, light installation, interactive games and much more. You can join residents and visitors to explore Macao’s evolving cityscape. It’s one of the best events  of the year where all the streets are illuminated with dazzling lights and decorations. Macao, during the Light Festival looks like a city that’s soaked up in lights. Each year the Macao Light Festival has new concepts and designs.


Macao is one of the most spectacular looking destinations, especially during the night when the entire city is lit up during the Festival of Lights. Fair lights dazzle the streets of Macao and the atmosphere is literally electrifying. Each venue is lit according to their own cultural history.


Your tour of Macao during the festival of lights has been made easier by the MGTO. An app will guide your way and make things convenient for you during the festival of lights.


For the past many decades, Macao has always welcomed people with open arms. It still continues to serve you as one of the best holiday destinations that there is. Macao gives you an opportunity to explore and experience its cultural heritage with a lot of excitement and cheer along the journey.

In 2020, the festival is themed as Light Carnival with four different routes and 12 locations in town to create a sparkling carnival. Here are some of the concepts showcased this year apart from interactive games that one can participate in like a projection mapping game of chess! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter to experience the Macao Light Festival 2020

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