Macao In September

Macao is a multi-cultural destination and a rendezvous point. There are many great beaches, eateries, Chinese and Buddhist temples where one can enjoy in Macao. There are several other activities in which one can indulge while in this beautiful city which is festooned by the European style architecture.

Macao In September

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There’s much more to Macao. Its a complete family destinations with an array of attractions that you can enjoy with your family.

Weather In Macao In September

September is generally hot and humid in Macao, and is accompanied by moderate rain. Most of the tropical cyclones hit Macao in September, and the temperature ranges between 25oC – 30oC

Why September Is A Good Time To Visit Macao?

Most people consider September as one of the best months to visit Macao, because the weather is pleasant throughout the month and there is a moderate rain which makes some of the tourist attractions really amazing to visit.

There is a high influx of tourists in Macao in the months of December and January, and there is a relatively lesser rush in September. Thus, it is a quieter month and you can enjoy every tourist spot to the fullest. You can easily find flight, hotel and other bookings in September at the best prices.

What You Need To Carry While Visiting Macao in September?

You should take summer clothing with you when you are visiting Macao in the month of September. Casual T-shirts and shorts would be perfect to wear. Hat and sunglasses can help you stay protected from the direct rays of the bright summer sun.

Take open sandals instead of shoes as rain may start anytime in September. Apart from these, don’t forget to carry an umbrella and a raincoat along with you.

Sometimes, due to storms and cyclones the mercury dips in the city and can make the weather a bit cooler. So, do carry a light sweater, wind-cheater or a sweatshirt.

What To Do In Macao In September?

Festive Time In Macao

September is the month of celebrations in Macao. The second-biggest Mid-Autumn Chinese festival is celebrated in Macao in September or early October. Temple street is festooned with beautiful decorations and designs during this festival, and it is one of a kind experience that will make your trip to Macao an unforgettable one. Hot Chinese food, delicious Chinese snacks, acrobatic dances, traditional Chinese and dragon dances are some of the major attractions of this event.

Georgian Wine Festival

The Georgian Wine Festival would be celebrated in Macao on 20th, Sept’ 2017. The attendees can taste 12 quality wines at this festival for free and can relish the aromatic flavor of Georgian wine made from a large collection of the indigenous grapes.

Apart from these, there are many gardens  like Luís de Camoes Garden and Triangular Da Areia Preta Garden which look amazing with the contrast of colorful pop of flowers and lush greenery. These enchanting places will make you fall in love with Macao.

Apart from these, you can visit the small Venice like arrangement in Macao and ride the Gondola, visit the Ocean Park, indulge in Bungee jumping from the Macao tower which is one of the highest bungee jumping point in the world, and relish the delectable food.

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