Glow in the dark: Macao Light Festival 2019!

Hey, you! Its winter break and we know you are planning where to spend your holidays. We have a suggestion: If you are in awe of vibrancy, art and gastronomy, Macao is where you should be!

Is there a perfect time to visit the gastronomical city of Macao? YES!

Before the year ends, Macao will be bedazzled by a variety of events. Believe us and book your tickets to Macao right away not to miss the fun and frolic that comes with it!

Every December, Macao has a lot of events that take place. The 2019 International Parade, the International Film Festival & Awards, the Macao Light Festival and the Macao International Marathon are just a few of the many delightful events that add to the city’s exuberance.

Today, we are going to talk about the ever-famous Macao Light Festival of 2019.

You thought Macao was beautiful during the day? We recommend you watch the city of gastronomy at night!

Imagine this: A city drenched in light and gleaming like stars. That is how Macao is going to be this December of 2019! December is a fantastic month for the weather in Macao is ideal and mild for night strolls amidst the light art that will engulf this East-meets-West destination.

Did you know that the Macao Government Tourism Office launched the first edition of the light festival in 2015? It is now held annually in December at various locations in the Macao Peninsula. Different parts of the city are lit up by many techniques that all work together to curate a theme like no other!

Project mapping, light installations, and interactive games are just some of the activities that take place in this magnanimous event! Participate and take away memoirs from this extraordinary event!

The primary aim is to draw visitors from all over the world to make them learn about the culture and history from innovative angles.

A city full of lights will enable us to be closer to the diverse culture.

You know the St. Paul’s Ruins, don’t you? It is probably the most visited destination by tourists in Macao. It has come back to life from the ruins to surprise you with the illuminations that will make it bright like never before!

Many more celebrations and events are planned to make the last month of 2019 an entertaining one! Turn your December into a colourful one!

Since 2015, the Light Festival has attracted a lot of tourists from around the world. Experience Macao while it shines brightly. The streets, the architecture, the culture and fusion cuisines are waiting for you!

Ready to gain a new-found appreciation for the city in shimmer? Come here!

Watch Macao light up at night in a glittering blanket while the city tells its story.

Date: December 1-31, 2019.

Organizer: Macao Government Tourism Office

Enjoy the illuminations of this mega event and be awed by the gloriousness.

While you are here, catch a glimpse of Macao’s rich history and culture by visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites! The best of Macao is here and you have a chance to be smitten by all of it. Are you ready?

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