#FatimaInMacao: Exploring the Art, the Culture, the Food.

You surely know that Fatima Sana Shaikh was holidaying in Macao recently! This trip, full of zest and glamour was big news.

From visiting museums, temples, casinos and art galleries, to tasting the scrumptious food, cruising along the sea and exploring the mega international event ‘Art Macao’, she did it all! Our girl is a traveler and loves to explore new places.

Let’s see Macao from her artful eyes, shall we?

  1. Gastronomical Nirvana! When you say food, we say Macao! A food enthusiast herself, the wonderful hotels in Macao such as the Golden Peacock, Grand Lisboa Hotel, Cha Bei Tea Cup, Wing Lei, Antonio’s Restaurant and the majestic Venetian Macao left her in awe of their grandeur and culinary. The splendid fuse of culture and cuisine makes Macanese food taste like a dream. She also devoured the ever-famous Egg Tarts! Yum-yum.


  1. The Venetian Macao: This magnificent hotel is one of the most beautiful places in Macao. Built like the city of Venice, the Renaissance impression lingers around and transports you to another age. Like every tourist, Fatima took a lovely ride in an authentic Gondola down the canals of the Venetian with the gondolier singing Italian operas. The Gondola ride was her romantic Bollywood moment!


  1. Art Macao: Fatima is lucky to have witnessed Macao during a time when art is being celebrated at Art Macao. She visited an exhibition dedicated to the classic star: Grace Kelly. When an artist appreciates another, a ritual of hope and inspiration begins. The illusory visual arts amazed her the most. According to her, she could spend hours and hours in front of these relics! The wonder she felt amidst the artifacts was new to her and she tried to capture it all.


  1. The House of Dancing Water: Fatima’s favourite activity during the trip, The House of Dancing Water is a delightful attraction in Macao. She was truly amused with the singing, dancing, the very exciting story and acrobatics that came with it. The cast even posed with her! For her, it was a beautiful, out-of-the-world experience. She thought if she blinked even for a moment, she would miss on the greatness! The honesty that was imitated by these actors for their work filled her with enthusiasm.


  1. A is for Architecture: Macao is famous for its enriching history and temples. There are various sites to delve into and each of them is legendary. They all conjure up an ancient story full of marvel. Senado Square and the ruins of St. Paul’s made her jaw drop! She also visited the celebrated A-Ma Temple which is said to be Macao’s namesake.


  1. Sky Walk at Macao Tower: A swashbuckler at heart, Fatima Sana Shaikh went up and above for a Sky Walk! Macao Tower is illustrious for its adventures and thrills. The vibrant lights and the night skyline adds up to its splendor. The buzz she felt during this delightful sport will stay with her forever.

Psst! She was up for the challenge and did not feel any fear. Can you imagine that?

For Fatima, this was an enriching experience that she will cherish for a long time. The fact that she could do so much in a few days made her heart swell. The diverse culture and beautiful sights put her in a state of trance and joy.

She was the best guest one could have. The way she carries herself with grace and the colours radiated by her made everything around much brighter!

We are pretty sure all of this is giving you major FOMO!

So, when are you planning a holiday to Macao?

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