10 Spectacular Shows in Macao that will make you go WOW

Known for its extraordinary heritage and the point where east meets west, Macao is also widely known for its glitz and glamour. Called the Las Vegas of the East, Macao enjoys some grand hotels with the best international shows in the world. Be it mesmerising animated installations or dancing fountains or live performances; Macao has some exotic shows to offer you that will leave you truly amazed.

So, here’s a list of shows that you must make it a point to watch when you’re in Macao.


The House of Dancing Water

This is the most extravagant live show ever staged in Asia. The House of Dancing Water is created and directed by Franco Dragone, a renowned Italian theatre director, with a production value of USD250 million.

100 international artists come together to give you a visual treat in the House of Dancing Water. It is a water-based show rooted in the ‘seven emotions’ of Chinese Confucian belief. It features special effects that will mesmerise you, costumes that will dazzle you and performances that will take your breath away.


Performance Lake

Every 15 minutes, in the open area in front of Wynn Macao, there’s a 3 minute show that will leave you completely enchanted.

The Performance Lake features a cornucopia of water, light, colour and fire dancing to classical music and tunes from Broadway. This performance is carried out with the help of over 200 water nozzles and shooters capable of projecting 800,000 gallons of water into the air. When in Macao, make sure you don’t miss it.


Tree of Prosperity

This is another spectacle at Wynn Macao, you shouldn’t miss. Every 15 minutes, the Rotunda Atrium of Wynn Macao is filled up with the iconic golden Tree of Prosperity rising up to enthralling music, video, light and sculptural patterns. It features 2,000 branches and 98,000 leaves of 24-karat gold and brass. A choreographic masterpiece, the Tree of Prosperity performance will leave you thrilled and excited.


Dragon of Fortune

Every hour, there’s another show in its atrium. The Dragon of Fortune, a massive 28 feet animated head with glowing red eyes and smoke billowing from its nostrils, rises up in rolling mist accompanied by music and a 12 feet wide Lotus Blossom producing an awesome crystal light effect.

It is a combination of traditional sculptural art, modern lighting and audio enhancements; you cannot miss.


Viva La Broadway

This is a live entertainment show in Macao, you cannot miss. It is a 45 minute long show, divided into four different-themed acts that are crafted to wow you from start to end.

It begins with a performance by a gamourous Vegas-style dance group, then a hilarious performance combining street dance and Latin dance, then a mind-boggling illusion act by Jidinis, ending with a visually explosive laser show.


Yueju Opera

Enacted in the local Cantonese dialect, the Yueja Opera gives you an authentic experience of Macao like no other show. It dates back to 300 years. It is so old and so influential that it was listed as a ‘Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO in September 2009. The elaborate costumes, make-up and sets will leave you spellbound.


Eiffel Tower Light Show

Macao has its very own Eiffel Tower, located at The Parisian Macao. It is 162m high and has two observation decks on the seventh and the 37th floor. Every day, at dusk, 20 spectacular light shows, accompanied with various lighting themes and audio, are illustrated on Eiffel Tower. It makes for a great backdrop for your pictures. You can also take the elevator to the top of the Tower for a picturesque view of Cotai Strip and Macao.


Fortune Diamond

This particular piece will leave you bedazzled. Literally. Every half an hour, in the hotel lobby of Galaxy Macao, a 3 metre tall Fortune Diamond rises from behind a waterfall dramatically and slowly sinks into a roulette design fountain. The grandeur and opulence of this place is a sight to behold.


Wishing Crystals

Make a wish on your next trip to Macao! No, not at a humble well or a temple. Rather in a lavish hotel. On East Promenade of Galaxy Macao, you’ll behold an immense collection of dazzling Wishing Crustals, which come to life with light and music when you wave your hands by them.

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