Where to Stop and What to Shop!

An hour of ferry ride from Hong Kong and you will reach the Mecca for shopaholics – Macau. It’s a city that has been equally influenced by traditional Chinese heritage and the former Portuguese colonies. Consequently, you will be able to experience a unique mix in the culture, food, tradition, architecture and the very lifestyle in Macau. In fact, Macau holds the credibility to host the glitziest Louis Vuitton stores in the whole world. However, it’s not just the high end offerings that make visitors flood in to Macau. The city also enjoys a free port status and the duty free market sells everything from Chinese jewelry to designer clothes, electronic items and everything else you would like to take back home!

So, where exactly do you need to go in Macau for shopping? Here are five places that you cannot miss!

  1. Senado Square

The first recommendation for any kind of shopping in Macau would lead you to the Senado Square. Located in Central Downtown, north of the Av. Almeida Ribeiro, this is the heart of Macau and is lined by thousands of shops, stores and eateries. If you are particularly interested in inexpensive but trendy shoes, clothes and cosmetics, the Rua S. Domingos is the lane you would like to take! Here, you would also find high end brands like STACCATO, U2, NINE WEST, G2000 and more. The cosmetic stores are the usual hunt for young girls and women. Going further east towards the Rua S. Domingos gets you to a copious display in sportswear, bags and fashionable clothes. The street has a number of other shops selling jewelry, glass ware, artwork, and other fashion and home accessories.

Lastly, if you are looking to buy some souvenirs for friends and family back home, the New Road area would be the best bet. This is also where you will find several pastry shops and bakeries. Don’t miss out on the Macau styled Dim Sum.

  1. Rua de S.Paulo Area

You might have already visited the area if you have spent a day in Macau. The most popular piazza in the city, the Rua de S.Paulo also hosts a variety of unique antique and furniture shops. You will be able to find authentic rosewood reproductions, porcelain antiques and even ancient coins. The price here is reasonable and it is common among tourists to pick up figurines, Chinese paintings and small pottery. The best thing is that you can haggle for the best price!

  1. Red Market

Located at the intersection of the Av. De Horta e Costa and Av. Do Almirante Lacerda, the Red Market gets its name for the huge red buildings you would see lining all across. This was a prominent Portuguese center during the colonial rule. Today, the area is well known for its vegetables, flowers and fruit markets. The items here are inexpensively priced and will be a helpful stop for any budget traveler.

Close to the Red Market is also the Three Lamps District, famous for shops selling shoes, cameras, electronics and jewelry.

  1. New Yaohan / Macau Landmark

Opposite to the Ferry Terminal of Macau is New Yaohan, a popular shopping center for cheap electronics and cameras. This place is in fact a popular haunt for photography enthusiasts, especially those looking for cheap Japanese camera models. Another recommendation close to the Reclamation Area is the Macau Peninsula that has lines of dining stops, fashion shops and other avenues for entertainment, regardless of your age.

  1. Taipa Village

A bit on the outskirts of the Macau City, the island of Taipa is famous for its pastry shops and street food. The Taipa Village is a must if you are a foodie. The village also hosts a range of opportunities, where you can find everything, ranging from the famed Dim Sum to a fuller dining experience.

Getting around the above places is best done on buses. All the areas are well connected and it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle returning with several shopping bags!

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