Macao – UNESCO’s Creative City of Gastronomy

In the month of November in 2017, UNESCO designated Macau with “Creative City of Gastronomy”. The main reason why Macau got listed in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) is because of its culinary strength. According to UNESCO, gastronomy is the driver to preserve Macau’s cultural identity, while promoting sustainable development and expanding the international cooperation.

[Written by Priya Sengupta]


The Legacy of Culinary:

This title awarded by UNESCO recognizes Macau’s 400-plus year old culinary legacy which continues to dominate country’s young generation. The Macanese cuisine is the fusion of various cultures. It is the blend of Southern Chinese cuisine and Portuguese ingredients, spices and cooking techniques that has carried since colonial days. Some of the most renowned cuisines are- Tacho, Cappela, Portuguese chicken and others.

However, traditional Macanese people avoid mixing Chinese and Portuguese ingredients. Let us now check some of the top Macanese food that made the city fills into the city:

  • Serradura:

Translated as Sawdust in Portuguese, Serradura is the much loved food in the Macau. It is served as a chilled pudding in semifreddo style. It has the layered dessert of sweet biscuits cream, condensed milk and vanilla. The food is available in bakeries across Macau.

  • Prawn Tartar:

This is served as the contemporary Spanish cuisine under the name Casa de Tapas. The prawn tartar is briefly marinated in lemon juice and combined with olive oil. In fact, it is the best food served in the restaurants. Other dishes served along are suckling pig, paella, stuffed squid.

  • Almond Cookies and Sweet Pork Jerky:

These two items, you will often see sold by vendors. One of the best places to enjoy these foods is Koi Kee Bakery. The almond cookies are baked giving gritty texture and nutty flavor added with mung bean flour. In fact, it is noted among one of the oldest culinary experiences of Macao.

  • Portuguese Egg Tart:

Portuguese Egg Tart is the most famous food served in Macau and consists of flaky pastry shell having rich, sweet egg custard filling. The food is topped with caramelized making the taste richer. Isn’t it mouth-watering enough already? Enjoy this food when it is warm, and it is available at many restaurants and street vendors.

  • Portuguese Green Wine:

Surely a must-try for wine lovers, it is a different experience for everyone. Portuguese Green Wines offers variety of experiences including full flavours, delicate flavours and fruity available across the city. In Macau, you will find variety of Portuguese Green Wines in resorts and restaurants.

Gastronomy has been the distinctive element of Macanese culture and people here devote much of their efforts to keep the element alive. With this title, the city will further devote much of its time and culture to make its food worth.

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