For the Sweet tooth in Macao

For the Sweet tooth in Macao

Macao is a perfect holiday destination, as it is a combination of beautiful places and great food. It is rightly known to be one of the best tourist spots in the world. It has most certainly earned its way to being one of the top destinations for tourism in the world and known to be the city of creative gastronomy. If you have a sweet tooth the one thing you could go crazy about it the dessert Macao has to offer. Macao has a wide range of sweetmeats and desserts that are a treat to your soul. Some of the must try desserts are listed below :


1) Egg Tart : A classic delicacy and the most famous in Macao, the egg tart is sure to leave you in awe of its satisfyingly sweet taste. The egg tart consists of eggs, sweet sugar syrup and other ingredients that make it truly a special treat. This is a very popular dessert all across Macao and should definitely be tried when in Macao.


2) Serradura : Rare and delicious just like its name, the sawdust pudding known as Serradura will render you speechless. Serradura is made up of milk and other special ingredients that will sweeten your entire mouth and make you want more. Not only this, this yummy dessert has many exciting flavours to choose from. This dessert is also very popular in Macao and should not be missed when on a trip to Macao.


3) Jelly Cakes : Another mouth-watering dessert that is very famous in and across all of Macao are the jelly cakes. The jelly cakes are made from an ingredient called agar-agar. The sweet jelly cakes are sure to amaze you with its delightfully delicious taste and it’s cooling experience. This dessert is also known to be one of the best desserts in Macao which surely makes it a must try.


4) Double-Skin Steamed Milk Pudding : A perfect delicacy to end your meal with is a delicious dessert. And when it comes to dessert, what better than the double-skin steamed milk pudding? It is a very well renowned dessert in Macao. It is made out of steamed milk, sugar and other special ingredients. It is a very fluffy and creamy pudding that will most certainly make you fall in love with it at it’s very first bite. You should definitely give it a shot when in Macao.


5) Almond Cookies: Walk down the streets of Macao and you will smell the aroma of an Macanese Almond Cookie baking. Tender, crumbly, sweet and a little salty – that’s what the Macanese Almond Cookies are. It’s delicious taste will prove to be a treat to your taste buds leaving you wanting for more.


Macao is land of great delicacies. With its wide range of desserts, it is sure to mesmerise you and keep you wanting more. These are only few of the many different types of desserts Macao has to offer. So get set to go on a splurge for dessert in a land best known for it. Experience the world of desserts on a whole new level, experience Macao.


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