7 Reasons Why Macao Should Be Your Next #GirlsWhoTravel Destination!

There are different kinds of travelers. You could be the ‘Solo Girl’ or ‘Women Who Travel Together’. No matter who you are, there is an aesthetically pleasing destination waiting for you: Macao.

Gastronomy. Art. History. Architecture. Culture. Heritage. Adventure: Welcome to Macao!

The Las Vegas of Asia that boasts a rich cultural tapestry, Macao is a one-of-a-kind locale of ‘East Meets West’.  It is a powerful blend of European and Asian architecture.

Know through these 7 reasons, why you should travel to Macao and let it be a part of you:

  1. Food? Food: Macao is a gastronomical zenith. Macanese food is a wonderful intermingling of culture and cuisine. This makes the food finger-licking delicious. The Portuguese Egg Tart, Pork Chop Bun, Macao’s signature Almond Cookies and Sawdust Pudding are just some of the many foods to try. Our mouths are already watering. All connoisseurs galore!


  1. Time Travel to the Past: History is not just a subject; it is a form of technology that lets us visit and explore the past. Various sites with cultural and historical significance in Macao are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Places like Ruins of St. Paul’s, Guia Fortress and Lighthouse, Dom Pedro V Theatre, Senado Square are filled with stories! Can you hear what they are saying?


  1. Just Keep Moving: Macao’s transport system is well-maintained and a safe form of travel. It has a highly developed road system, public bus services, black taxicabs, and free hotel shuttle services. To make memories in Macao, you need to be on the go! Enhance your travel here with a romantic Gondola Ride and glide through the waters while the Gondolier sings you soothing Italian operas. Gaze at beautiful ceiling, relax and make the most of it.


  1. Venice or Macao? The Venetian Macao is a mega luxurious hotel inspired by the rosy city of Venice and our favourite Historic period: The Renaissance. It seems like a never-ending dream full of happiness. You can remember this experience with a souvenir photograph. After all, in life we forget the years but remember the moments!


Psst! A little Easter Egg for you: The ‘7’ in this blog is because The Venetian Macao was officially opened in August of 2007!


  1. Are you a Daredevil? Get your adrenaline junkie out because Macao has a lot of adventures for you! Go over to the Macao Tower that has a Guinness World Record for the highest commercial Bungee Jump in the world or Sky Walk, Sky Jump and do the famous Tower-Climb!


  1. Find Peace: Macao has many temples and churches that explain the varied culture. The ancient Buddhist Temples will give you what you seek if you keep your faith. Hey, don’t forget to seek blessings at the A-Ma Temple that gives Macao its very name!


  1. Art You Here? Every street, every roadside, every building is filled with art here. The beautiful alleys feel like a place where you belong. Check out The House of Water to get your mind blown! Macao also hosts ‘Art Macao’, an international event full of art installations, musical and theatrical performances, dance, music, drama, and festivals. Watch art come alive!

So if you too are someone who has a group that struggles to find the ‘right’ time to travel or simply wants to challenge themselves to experience true freedom, a solo trip to Macao sounds nice, doesn’t it? Pack light, get ready and let’s go. While you are here, make sure to live local-style. Talk to the locals to know more about the culture and buy cute souvenirs to commemorate your stay here. Stay happily and safely in this heavenly abode.

You are a woman. Let us hear you roar! One Life. One World. Explore It. #SheIsNotLost

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