5 Tasty Foods You Must Try In Macao

Macao Almond Cookies

By Rupali Dean


Queues are always a dead giveaway for a great food place; check out Macao’s tastiest treats.

Almond Cookies

The Macanese love their almonds, which are used to flavour some dishes like Moorish rice. Tea and almond cookies are enormously popular. As you walk uphill from Senado Square, street vendors will make you sample their almond cookies, which are fresh out from the oven and very warm. What is most vital is the consistency of the cookie. The cookies at Koi Kei Bakery, which has many branches across Macao, virtually melts in your mouth as the cookie vanishes slowly with every bite and has abundant almonds in it for additional crunch. Taste wise, Macao almond cookies are like a brittle variety of Nutty Butter cookies. These are compact and crumbly in texture, and have a nearly savoury feel about them.


Egg Tarts

You just can’t miss this delicacy; these irresistibly creamy custard tarts are served piping hot, right out of the oven. As is the tradition, they sprinkle the caramelised top with cinnamon and icing sugar. They make a wonderful accompaniment with coffee any time of the day. The ones at Lord Stow’s Bakery (known as Andrew’s egg tarts) are simply the best. Other places that can rival Andrew’s egg tarts are those at Margaret Café, that’s very close to Senado Square.

‘Sawdust’ pudding


Serradura literally translates as ‘Sawdust’ in Portuguese. Obviously not a very tempting name for a dessert, but it is divine. It is served as a chilled pudding, in a semifreddo style, or as ice cream and is basically a layered dessert of sweet biscuits (crushed super fine to resemble sawdust), cream, condensed milk and vanilla. You will find it in bakeries, restaurants and even at street vendors.


Pork Chop Bun

Pork Chop Bun

Just as the name suggests, this is seasoned pork chop on a bun. At Tai Lei Lok Kei in Taipa, the bone-in, unbelievably fork tender and appetising pork chop reposes in a piggy bun; it has a crusty exterior, indulgent core and decent chew. Humble but satisfying! In action since 1968, this unassuming institution offers these pork chop buns only in the afternoon, until they have sold out all that they have made for the day.


Curry Fish Balls

Down the petite passage of Travess da Se, a small walk from the Ruins of St. Paul’s and the Museum of Macau, is a tiny place that is well-known for its curry fish balls, which come in many shapes and sizes and are very inexpensive. Simply point at the stick you want, they cook it up and serve it off the stick in a bowl with a spicy curry sauce. The curry sauce is a flawless consistency for these and you may just end up drinking the sauce!

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