Why Senado Square is not a place worth missing out!

One of the most beautiful resort cities in China, Macao is home to a range of fascinating places and is an exciting holiday destination. Some of the enviable tourist attractions in Maca0 are the Senado Square, Macao Museum and the St. Domingo’s Church.



A world renowned cultural centre, Senado Square, continues to remain the go-to place for significant public events and festivals. It is surrounded by the General Post Office and the St. Dominic’s Church.

The most fascinating part about this monument is that it is listed as a world heritage site. Located opposite the Leal Senado building, it connects Largo de Sao Domingos and Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro.

Senado Square derives its name from the Leal Senado, which used to be an ancient meeting place for the Chinese and Portuguese inhabitants, thus serving as a confluence of two very distinct cultures. Surrounded by neo classical buildings with various cultural connotations, its triangular structure and beautiful cobblestones lend it a unique bent. It is no surprise then that many films made in Hong Kong in the 1950’s and 1960’s were shot at the Senado Square owing to its aesthetic and cultural nuances.

The history of this destination is as fascinating as the place itself. Named during the Ming Dynasty, it was a meeting place for the local authorities who reviewed the troops. Now, a fountain, stands there in place of a soldier’s statue.

Touted as one of the four largest squares of Macao, Senado Square is constantly buzzing with tourist activities, public festivities and celebrations. When festivities are in full swing, the lion and dragon dances are some of the sights to watch out for.

Various other important attractions around the Senado Square such as the Macao Cathedral and the Lou Kau Mansion continue to garner eyeballs.

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