This is why Macao is known to be a land of cultural heritage

Macao is a small city and a popular destination for history, fashion, oriental and western cultures with prosperity and peace. Experiences in Macao go far beyond normal. Macao stands true to being the land of cultural heritage.

The elegant Portuguese style buildings contribute majorly to Macao’s attractions. It has two outlying islands, Taipa and Coloane, which add to the cultural and historic richness of Macao.

Here is why Macao is known to be the land of cultural heritage.


St.Dominic’s Church

Located right in the heart of Macao’s Senado Square, St. Dominic’s Church was built in 1587 for the worship of Our Lady of the Rosary by three Spanish Dominican priests. The head of the Church of St. Dominic is made up of triangular fins. The baroque style of churches from the seventeenth century, influenced by both Portuguese and Spanish styles. There are also many unique paintings and sculptures in St. Dominic’s Church.


Taipa Village

Soak in the old world charm at Taipa Village in Macao. Donned with European-themed architecture, this lesser-than-known attraction houses a bunch of temples as well as museums. The museums here are definitely worth the visit. Taipa Village is a must-visit place when you are in Macao.


Mount Fortress

The Mount Fortress, one of the major Macao attractions, was used to fend off invasions. Unfortunately, a massive fire burned down the main building, leaving only the flat, trapezoidal base of the fortress. It’s packed with greenery today, and it’s one of the best points of view to see the area. The Macao Museum was built inside the fortress in 1989, providing tourists with an insight into the history and culture of Macao.


A-Ma Temple

The A-Ma temple is devoted to the Chinese Goddess Matsu. This ancient temple is one of the top tourist spots in Macao. The temple boasts of marvellous architecture and overall design. Each section of the temple holds a spiritual significance of its own. The A-Ma temple is one of the city’s most important religious sites and is worth exploring.


Dom Pedro V Theater

Dom Pedro V Theater was built by the Portuguese in the year 1860, in memory of the Portuguese King Pedro V. It is considered to be the first western theatre. UNESCO has listed it as part of Macao’s historical center under Macao attractions in the World Cultural Heritage in the year 2005.


Moorish Barracks

A masterpiece of architecture is the building itself. Instead of a European style architecture, often seen in Macao, the house features a mixture of Arab and Gothic architectural styles.  Pillars of ivory yellow lead the eyes from the floral barriers to the pointed arches between the columns. It is a designated part of Macao’s Historic City and Macao attractions, which was listed on the 2005 World Heritage List. Port Authority’s office building since the 19th century. The architect chosen for this beautiful building was the Italian Cassuto.

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