Surprising facts about Macao. 

Macao is one of the most visited destination in the world. It is a blend of two distinct cultures, Asian and European. Macao over the years has attracted tourists in large numbers. Here are some interesting facts that will ensure Macao is on top of your travel bucket list


1) Macao got its name through a misunderstanding:

The name ‘Macao’ was coined by the Portuguese seafarers when they first arrived on the island. They asked the locals for the name of the land, but they misunderstood, and answered with ‘A-Ma-Gau’, thinking that the Portuguese were asking for the name of the local temple called A-Ma. From there on, the Portuguese took ‘A-Ma-Gau’ and the territory officially became known as Macao.


2) Macao is the most densely populated territory in the world:

Macao has a population of 648,500 people in a territory which is only 30.5 square kilometres making it the most densely populated place in the world.


3) Macao was Europe’s most important colony:

Macao was leased to Portugal in 1557 as a point of trade. It soon became an official Portuguese territory in 1887. Macao was handed back to its own sovereignty in 1999. Therefore in this way, Macao became one of the most important European colony.


4) Portuguese is one of the official languages of Macao:

Macao was leased to Portugal as a trading post. The Portuguese later went on to colonize Macao and it became an official Portuguese territory in 1887. For many years, Portuguese was spoken in the entire territory and so became one of the official language of Macao. It remains the same even to this day.


5) Macao has the world’s first fusion cuisine:

When it comes to creativity in food, Macao is the place that comes to everyone’s minds. The Macanese cuisine is a delicious fusion of Chinese and Portuguese ingredients and cooking styles. The fusion cuisine was introduced to the world with a history dating back over 400 years.


6) Macao has a Guinness World Record for the highest commercial bungee jump:

If you are an adrenaline freak and love adventure, Macao is your best deal. It has a world record for the highest commercial bungee jump in the world with a height of 233 meters above the ground.

AJ Hackett Bungy / Macau Tower


7) The Historic Centre of Macao is a UNESCO World Heritage Site:

Macao has much more to offer beyond great food and amazingly serene sites. In 2005 the Historic Centre of Macau was declared by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. This was listed in over 20 locations that exhibit the unique co-existence of two contrasting Asian and European cultures.


8) It is home to one of the world’s most critically endangered languages:

Patua is a creole language which is a mix of Portuguese and Cantonese that developed in Macao to become the language of Macao’s indigenous Eurasian community. This community was known as the Macanese. In 2009, UNESCO classified Patua as a ‘critically endangered’ language because as per the year 2000, there were estimated to be just 50 Patua speakers worldwide.



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