Places in Macao That are Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor – Part 1

Ranked No1 on TripAdvisor Part 1 Macao


A city studded with all the glitz and marvels, still resonates the essence of Portuguese era, and soaked in all the extravagant shades of leisure options, Macao is fondly called the ‘Vegas of China’. A Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the Chinese territory, it is that one city where nights seem brighter than days, where fun-frolic is a part of the culture, where everyone feels home and craves for more!

An autonomous region seating gracefully on the ridges of the Pearl River Estuary, this promising tourist destination caters to travelers from all the walks of life. Be it the electrifying ambiance, diverse history, enchanting outlook, or the pleasant climate, it never fails to amaze its admirers! Know more about this magical destination with some of the places in Macao that are ranked #1 on TripAdvisor:


  • Sights and Landmarks:
  1. Points of Interest & Landmarks / Historic Sights: Ruin of St. Paul’s

Wearing a rustic charm, this historical landmark serves as one of the most popular tourist spots in Macao. Located within a proximity to Macau Museum and Mount Fortress, this old-world architectural marvel belongs to the 17th century.

Though the Ruins of St. Paul was once tormented by fire, its façade still stands strong. The artefact along with an array of stairs in Ruins of St. Paul’s will make you forget time and adore its bucolic charm!

  1. Sacred & Religious Sites: A-Ma Temple

Amidst all the glitz and glitters, Macau still has its roots grounded to spirituality and sanctity. And the holy A-Ma Temple testifies this in the most sacred form! Legends have it that A-Ma appeared as a poor girl and asked for passage to Canton. After being rejected by the wealthy boat owners, a shabby fisherman agreed to carry her. On reaching Macau, the poor girl turned into a goddess.

The A-Ma temple was then built on the spot where the girl reappeared as the Goddess. The abode of Chinese Goddess Matsu, this 16th century temple is an epitome of ancient architecture, devotion, and religious significance.

  1. Historic Walking Areas: Historic Centre of Macau

A quaint locale, always overwhelmed by tourists, the Historic Centre of Macau is one such spot that stands out from most of the tourist attractions in China’s gambling capital! Bedecked with the impressions of Portuguese architecture, Chinese buildings, bustling lanes, lively broadways, Moorish barracks, and religious monuments, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a true testimony to Macau’s rich culture and heritage. A walk along the marvels of this historic centre will surely keep you spellbound!

  1. Monuments & Statues: Friendship Statue

A statue that evokes the true ethos of Chinese culture and traditions, the Friendship Statue signifies the everlasting friendship between the Chinese and Portuguese. Instilled amidst the impressiveness of Senado Square, it showcases a Chinese girl offering a lotus to a Portuguese boy symbolising the peace, friendship, and harmony prevailing between these two cultures.

  1. Neighborhoods: The Broadway

A bustling, yet the most colourful and lively spot in Macau, the Broadway is all about fun and fiesta! Thronged by tourists as well as the locals alike, it is dotted with all the leisure and fun-frolic options. Whether you are a foodie or shopaholic, tradition lover or a wanderlust, all your fantasies and desires will come true in the Broadway!

  1. Government Buildings: Leal Senado (Municipal Council)

Once a seat of Portuguese government in Macao, Leal Senado Building is among the highest visited and important landmarks in Macao. Located in Senado Square, this U-shaped municipal corporation building has an exhibition hall, art exhibition centre, and numerous tales that still resonates an era bygone!

  1. Lighthouses: Guia Fortress

Macau Guia Fortress Light House

A fort that once defended Macau from the enemies, Guia Fortress now serves as a major tourist attraction and an amazing observation point. Overlooking the entire city, it also boasts of being the oldest fortress in Macau and was restricted only for military use till 1976. The lighthouse in Guia Fortress reaches up to 91m in height and can be seen from 20 miles.

  1. Auto Race Tracks: Macau Mototsports Club (Coloane Go Kart Track)

For all the thrill seekers who love speed and challenges while manoeuvring, Macau Mototsports Club is the place to be. One of the most enthralling go karting track in the entire South-East Asia, this 50,000sq.m race track on Coloane Road can pump up your adrenaline in one go!

  1. Military Bases & Facilities: Monte Forte (Fortaleza do Monte)

Also called ‘Fortaleza do Monte’, Monte Forte is among the most significant historical landmarks in Macau. Built during 1617 and 1626, this fortress was constructed to safeguard the wealthy Jesuits, but was later conquered by the Portuguese army. Spread across 8,000sq.m, it is dotted with small watchtowers, around 32muzzle-loading cannons, a weather observatory, and a museum.


Visit these promising sights and landmarks to unravel history and witness grandeurs from the past to know more about your favourite holiday destination. Stay tuned with us to catch other such destinations in Macau!

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