Next Stop Macao- Why Macao Should be the next Destination on your Travel Bucket List

Before all the planning and booking, the most important question asked around a holiday is ‘Where to go next?’ And more often than not, it’s a war of wills, when more than one person is involved. If you’re dealing with this question for your next holiday, may we suggest- Macao! Why? Read on to find out.

Quick and Easy to Reach (Convenience)

Reaching Macao from India is extremely smooth & quick.

The best way to reach Macao is via Hong Kong, where you get seamless ferry transfer from Hong Kong International Airport. It will only take you 45 to 60 minutes to reach from Hong Kong to Macao, with convenient baggage transfer provided, and airline check-in.

Direct flights to Hong Kong fly regularly from all major metro cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad.

You can even try the road route from Hong Kong to Macao via the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge, the world’s first and longest open sea fixed link. Experience this bridge over the open seas and an under sea tunnel with four artificial islands enroute. If you do take this route, you will have to procure a Hong Kong PAR before departing India, which is a Pre-arrival registration, now mandatory for Indians if you are entering Hong Kong.


Visa Free

Indians are open-heartedly welcome in Macao. All you need is a valid passport to enter this amazing city.


Easy to Explore

You can explore most of Macao on foot, on your own. In just 3 to 6 hours, you can tour the city covering major attractions like Barrier Gate, A-Ma or Kun Iam Temple, Ruins of St. Paul, Monte Forte, Sun Yat Sen Memorial House, Guia Lighthouse, Senado Square, the Macao Tower and the Museum of Macao, all on foot.


Safe and Family Friendly

As a tourist, you’re as safe in Macao as another popular destination in the world. Also, since it offers a plethora of activities and sights for all age groups, it is also the perfect choice for an international holiday with your family.



Mixed Culture and Heritage

Macao was under Portuguese rule for over 400 years and gained independence only in 1999. This has left a significant influence on the Macanese culture, architecture, language, food and people. On the other hand, its proximity to China also leaves undeniable marks on the culture and heritage of the city.

Just a walk through Taipa Village, one of the best preserved areas of Macao for its culture and heritage, will leave you immersed in its East-meets-West character. From Chinese temples to Portuguese structures, art galleries, museums and souvenir shops: all stand testimony to Macao’s rich cultural blend. So, if you want a culturally enriching experience on your next vacation, Macao is one of the best choices you can make.


Gastronomical Adventure

The duality of Macao percolates down to its food too. So much so that, UNESCO now recognises Macao as a Creative City of Gastronomy. Thanks to experiments of Portuguese housewives and European chefs with Asian and African spices and ingredients in European recipes and oils, the Macanese food was born. It gives you best of different worlds on a single plate.

In fact, Macao is a popular first destination for many European chefs and restaurants trying to make their mark on Asia’s dining scene.

Be it snacks like Pork Chop Buns or Bacalhau cakes, meals like African chicken or Minchi, desserts like Macanese egg tarts or Serradura; Macanese cuisine is an experience in its own right and it will leave you wanting for more. Here are some local Macanese cuisines you must try when you visit the city.

You’ll also find restaurants serving purely authentic Portuguese and Chinese cuisines too in Macao. Also with several Michelin star restaurants, Macao is the best holiday destination for a fine-dining experience at affordable prices.


Shopper’s Paradise

From budget shopping streets to high end, experiential malls: Macao has something to offer to every kind of shopaholic. Enjoying a free port status, Macao is a shopper’s paradise where you can pick up things without burning a hole in your pocket.

While Senado Square is a popular hub for shopping souvenirs and trendy, affordable clothes and accessories; Rua De S.Paulo Area is where you go for antiques and collectibles. New Yaohan and Macao Landmark is for buying electronics. There’s also the Cinema Alegria Night Market and Taipa Flea Market for budget shoppers.

On the other hand, you’ll find an assemblage of luxury to mid-range retail brands in the Grand Canal Shoppes with an indoor canal theme at Venetian Macao. This place is connected to Four Seasons, Sands Cotai Central and Parisian. The place in Parisian gives you an experience of shopping on the streets of Paris.



The Macao Tower is the place that offers the highest commercial bungee jump in the world from a height of 1,109 feet. If you’re not that gutsy, you can also try walking along the rim of the top of this Tower for an adrenaline rush. Apart from this, the city offers 13 hiking trails and nature paths, particularly in Coloane, the green lung of Macao.


Grandeur and Opulence

The grandeur and opulence of Macao’s world-class restaurants, hotels and resorts will leave you speechless and spellbound for days after your vacation is over.

In Macao, you can indulge in a grand dinner at a restaurant with elegant and gilded décor replete with magnificent chandeliers and high ceilings or you can enjoy a Gondola ride with your personal musician singing for you, against the backdrop of the faded façades and picturesque bridges of the Venetian Macao.

A giant wave pool, exotic spas, international fine dining, luxury resort stays; Macao abounds in luxurious experiences for you.


Spectacular Entertainment

Entertainment in Macao is as grand as its hotels and infrastructure. From live performances, operas, light and sound shows to some spectacularly animated installations in its grand hotels; Macao has some spectacular entertainment on offer for you.

The House of Dancing Water, House of Magic, 4D Batman, Viva La Broadway, Dragon of Fortune are some of the most exotic shows and performances in Macao that will leave you mesmerised for years to come. When in Macao, you must make it a point to witness these extravaganzas.




Giant Pandas

If you want to see the world’s cutest and rarest animals in their natural surroundings, your next holiday destination should be Macao. Here, in the Giant Panda Pavilion are housed two Giant Pandas named Kai Kai and Xin Xin, along with Red Pandas and other rare animals in the Seac Pai Van Park.

Eventful Vacation

No matter which time of the year you visit Macao, it is more likely than not, that you will be able to catch one of the numerous events they host throughout the year. From the Chinese New Year in February, Dragon Boat Festival in June, Fireworks Festival in September, Macao Grand Prix in November to the international parade and marathon in December; you can plan your vacation around any of the events you wish to be a part of on your next vacation.

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