Na Tcha Exhibition Room- A gateway to understanding Macao culture!

Macao holds a distinct identity in the world map, owing to its beautiful amalgamation of the Chinese and Portuguese cultures. It thus can boast of a vivid cultural ethos. The Na Tcha Exhibition Room forms an integral part of its diverse art forms.

Located beside the Na Tcha Temple, this exhibition room is an exemplary blend of the rich culture and heritage of the place. It was inaugurated in 2012 in an attempt to diversify the culture of Macao. Most of the exhibits here have been discovered from the area’s archaeological exploration. The most interesting aspect about the Na Tcha Exhibition Room is that it is a unique blend of modern and old world culture from an architectural point of view. It was constructed to educate people about the various rituals, historic connotations and festivals related to the Na Tcha deity.

Sprawling over a wide area, the variety of artefacts that are exhibited in the Na Tcha Exhibition Room are incense burners, objects used in religious processions and other objects used while celebrating the deity’s birthday. One of the most fascinating aspects about the Na Tcha Exhibition Room is that there are a few drawings by a famous cartoonist, Ah-Cheng. These drawings trace the origin of Na Tcha’s legend in an interesting manner.

Overall, this historical monument provides insights into Macao’s rich culture. If you wish to learn about the cultural development and multi-cultural identity of Macao, then this place is a must visit.

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