Macao – A Photographer’s Delight

An amalgamation of culture and colors, Macao is a prominent, beautiful and famed tourist destination in Asia. Macao is a cultural blend of wonders. It’s a place of contrast experiences making it a unique destination.

Over the years, Macao has not only impressed tourists but has also won the hearts of many who have come to visit this land full of beauty and wonders. Macao is well known for its picturesque lure. The mesmerizing age-old architecture and the captivating skyline will definitely leave all the photography enthusiast in awe of this wonder land.

If you want to go on a  holiday and you are simply someone who loves photography, Macao is the perfect place where the photo opportunities are vast. It gives you a variety of breath-taking scenes, cityscapes, natural beauty from the history and culture to the glitz and glamour that leaves you delighted.  The beautiful little streets, Portuguese styled houses and splendid ancient architecture is a treat for all the photography lovers.

Here are a few captivating locations in Macao that will ensure you get some of your best shots to show off with your buddies.

A stroll through Senado Square

One of the best things to do in Macao is to take a walk through the beautiful Senado Square. A perfect place for photographers to capture the vibrant colors of this square.  The main square of the market is decorated based on the current festival of the month/season making it an ideal spot for a perfect shot.


Ruins of St Paul’s

You will find this world heritage site on many postcards of Macao. Whether it’s at day or at night, the Ruins of St Paul’s is as beautiful as it can be. Aspiring photographers should definitely stop by to capture this marvellous piece of architecture.


Macau Tower

For those who prefer a thrilling experience, The Macau Tower is one attraction you definitely should have on your list when in Macao. The tallest tower in Macao soars up to 233 meters and is a great place for photography lovers to capture some of the most breath-taking views of the city.

Taipa Village

One of Macao’s leading destinations, Taipa village is known for its culture and heritage. At this village, you will come across some beautiful museums and art galleries. This spot is definitely a delight for photographers.


The Happiness Street

Happiness street is one of the most popular streets for discovering delicious local delicacies and souvenirs. This beautiful street is distinctive because of its small styled terrace homes. These two-storey unique homes that line the street painted in traditional red, make it both a scenic and photogenic place for a stroll.


A-Ma temple 

This historic temple is made up of six main sections that sprawl across the hillside by the sea. A-Ma temple is one of Macao’s oldest temples. The temple features a staircase that waves beneath trees up to the many pavilions and prayer halls. Photographers when in Macao, you definitely don’t want to miss capturing this architectural wonder.


The Venetian Macao

Get drawn immediately to the canals of the Venetian Macao. Inside the hotel you will find the Grand canal, depicting the canals of Venice. With a touch of Macao’s sunlight and vibrant blue waters, The Venetian Macao is a stunning place to take some very romantic photos.


The backstreets of Macao

The lovely backstreets of Macao provide a little inside into the lifestyle of Macanese people. Wander through the colourful lanes to meet some friendly locals and to find some beautiful buildings. You will surely get some Instagram worthy pictures to post while strolling across the backstreets of Macao.


This captivating and alluring land of cultural heritage has a lot to offer. Let’s get #MacaoReadyGo for this lovely photo adventure in store.!

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