Experience dinosaurs in Macao

Have you ever wished to just go back in time and experience the thrill and adventure of past events? Well, your wish has just come true. You can now experience a world of ancient terrestrial ecology, right here in Macao. Introducing “Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park”, taking you back to an era when the planet was dominated by the ancient vertebrate beings.

Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park will commence December 18th 2020 to March 21st 2021 and will be held at Broadway Macao, 2/F. Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park is sure to sweep you off of your feet on multiple counts. One of the many key highlights of Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park is the “Jeep of Dinosaur Skull from Graveyard to Playfield”. Ride on a dinosaur skull jeep from the lost and desperate kingdom to the life abundant dinosaur playground and feel an overwhelming sensation which will take you back to the times when these big and beautiful creatures dominated the earth. You will be thrilled to see the docile Triceratops, the fierce T-Rex or the Pterosaur hovering in the sky during this exciting ride.

Another major highlight of Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park is The Cave Archeology. Come and put your archeological skills at work by digging and exploring facts with the help of archeological tools. Here we have a mysterious cave that awaits children to dig and experience the life of archaeologists. This cave is built to help children develop their concentration and observation skills. The process of digging and finding dinosaur bones will surely fascinate children and help them develop skills while learning about the age old world.

One of the most important highlights of Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park is The Brood Chambers. As we all know that before turning into mighty giant creatures the dinosaurs have to go through a period of infancy. In these chambers we have some of the most cute and adorable little baby dinosaurs. You can come in and squeeze out your tightest hugs on to these beautiful and adorable little baby dinosaurs and experience joy and delight in an unexplainable way. Get ready to travel back in time, come to Macao and experience fun, frolic and learning in a whole new dimension at Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park. 

This is a once in a lifetime event and will be most certainly a memorable one. It promises to be a great opportunity for you to learn and understand about these extraordinary, giant creatures that walked the face of the earth. When in Macao, this extravagant event should definitely be on the top of your to do list. Another addition to your travel bucket list!

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