Best Photography Locations In Macao.

Best Photography Locations In Macao.

Macao is more than just your average tourist spot, it is an experience. A journey full of endless exploration. Macao is a place full of rich culture and traditions. A land known for its unique architecture and a wide range of cuisines. From beautiful tourist hotspots to small alleyways full of local street food, Macao is a package full of surprises. If you are a photography enthusiast, a budding photographer or just love to put up pictures on Instagram then Macao is the place for you. The picturesque Macao will ensure you get some best photos while you travel.

Here are some locations you must take your clicks at when in Macao.

1) Senado Square : Senado Square is rightly known as one of the best places for photography as it has some of the state of the art architecture along with an ancient touch to it. The Senado Square is a perfect blend of ancient Portuguese and modern day Asian style construction.


2) A-Ma Temple : The A-Ma Temple is also one of the most famous tourist attractions of Macao. This temple is a house of the goddess Mazu. This temple was built in 1488 and is the oldest temple in all of Macao. This has made the A-Ma Temple one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Macao. The A-Ma Temple is an architectural wonder and is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. This makes the A-Ma Temple an ideal one for photography.


3) The Macau Tower : The Macau Tower is the tallest structure of Macao. This makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Macao. The Macau Tower is 338 meters tall from ground level and houses many restaurants, malls and even movie theatres in it. With so much to explore just within one single tower itself, it is most certainly an ideal place for photography.


4) Taipa Village : Taipa Village is a is full of life, colour and cheer all around. These alleyways comprise of colourful buildings along with loads of local street food joints. Because of this, the Taipa Village is also considered as one of the best places for photography when in Macao.


5) Lou Lim Leoc Garden : Another awesome place for all photography lovers is the Lou Lim Leoc Garden. This garden was initially the residence of a local merchant named Lou Kau and was built in 1906. The residence was later turned into a garden by the Macao Government in 1974 as a public park. This garden has many spots for photography and has attracted tourists from all across the world. The Lou Lim Leoc Garden has therefore become an ideal place for photography when in Macao.


Love to take pictures on your trip? Macao has a lot to offer for all your photography lovers out there. So don’t forget to pack your cameras, for an unforgettable experience that lies ahead. Visit Macao and fall in love all over again.

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