5 Reasons Why Macau Tower Is An Ultimate Host of Adventure

The most stunning landmark in Macao, the Macau Tower is also an ultimate host of adventure! Here are the 5 most adventurous things you mustn’t miss here!

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Are you the one who is driven by adrenaline rush or extreme thrill and adventure? If yes, Macau Tower is the place for you! Reaching an astounding height of 1,109ft from the ground, this celebrated tower has soon become the ‘Mecca’ of adventure junkies in the South-East Asia.

Enticing the thrill seekers since 2001, this man-made marvel takes fun and excitement much beyond you can think off; yeah, sky is no more the limit when it’s Macau Tower! For those yearning for thrills that can kick off their adrenalines, or make them swallow their own breathes, this tower can be an ultimate host in the sky!

Curious to know more about the adventure things to do in Macau Towers? Let’s find out why adventure junkies from across the globe throngs this tower; here are the 5 reasons why Macau Tower is considered as one of the supreme host for adventure:


  1. A Fearless Bungee Jumping Host:

How about a free-fall jump at the speed of 200km/hour; does this make you count your heart-beat? Well, if ‘yes’, you are surely at the wrong place! For those daredevils who gets high while falling freely at a speed of 200km/hour, Macau Tower can be an ideal host.

Famed as one of the highest bungee jumping arenas in the world, this remarkable tower allows the adrenaline mongers to dive down from a breath-taking height of 233m under the supervision of meticulous bungee crew members. Designed and created by AJ Hackett, this jump takes around 17 seconds and can get you an adrenaline rush like never before!


  1. The Most Exhilarating Sky Jumping Base:

If you can dream it, you can probably do it. But then, how about dreaming about a flight from a height of 764ft? Well, this might sound easy as by now you are well aware about the enthralling Bungee Jumping experience in Macau Towers!

But then, how about leaping down from the same height and landing on your own feet within only 17 seconds; getting goose bumps now? Yes, this is the kind of thrill and excitement you will experience if you go for Sky Jumping in the Macau Tower! To note here, Sky Jumping requires you to jump while maintaining a standing position till you reach the ground within a short span of time without any rebound effects.


  1. Being Afloat in the Sky:

‘A Walk to Remember’ is all about love, romance and tenderly emotions, isn’t it? Now, let’s make it a bit exciting and equally enthralling by taking the same walk 233m above the ground level. Adding more to this, how about walking on a 1.8m wide walkway without any handrails! Are you still a game for it?

If yes, pack your bags and book your tickets to Macau today and experience the most exhilarating walk of your life in the Macau Tower! Ideal for all age groups, a stroll at 233m will surely pump your adrenalines while keeping you afloat in the sky!


  1. Life on The Edge:

While chopper rides are considered as the best ways to enjoy the panoramic views of any destination, Macau has its own ways for the same! Chopper rides are too mainstream; those craving for extreme thrill and adventure, gets indulged in Tower Climbing in the Macau Tower.

Imagine scaling up to a blood-thumping height of 338m (1,109ft) or standing still atop the Macau Tower! The slightest of mistake can get you to the extreme edge of thrill and adventure. But yeah, this is the kind of experience an adrenaline junky yearns or lives for!


  1. Extreme Selfies:

No matter how you wish to satiate your cravings for thrill and adventure, you surely cannot miss out clicking a selfie while romancing a height of 338m! Whether you opt for a free-fall with Bungee Jumping or prefer Tower Climbing, enjoy Sky Jumping or simply prefer Sky Walk, you must take that selfie-stick and carry home some of the most enthralling memories of your life!


Often disguised as an appealing casino destination, Macau hosts an array of exciting things to do. Next time you visit this shimmering tourist destination, make sure you make it to the Macau Tower and pump in some adrenalines!

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