5 Prettiest Places to Take a Selfie in Macao


The Ruins of St. Pauls

By Vikas Sangle

Taking a selfie becomes quite important when you are travelling to a new destination and taking in the sights. Macao is no exception to that rule and so here are some of the prettiest places in Macao where you can look good against the backdrop of this pretty country. Let’s take a selfie!

1. The Ruins of St. Paul’s: Although the Ruins of this iconic 16th century church have very little to see from the inside, the existing façade does make a good option to take a selfie against. All you need to do is stand on the steps leading to Macao’s best known landmark and you will have the perfect backdrop. If you are looking for details, then just get close to the façade and you can also get the intricate carvings in your frame.

2.  Fortaleza de Monte: This amazing fort which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site gives you a lot of opportunities to take a selfie. The best things that you can do here is to stand next to one of the old cannons placed along the ramparts of the fort and fire those cameras. If that’s not all, then you can take advantage of the stunning views with a choice of Macao’s ultra modern buildings or the old areas forming the perfect backdrop for a selfie. This place has a lot to explore, so take your time and shoot the best of yourself.

Macau Tower

Macau Tower

3. The Macau Tower
: When you get a panoramic view for a selfie, then what more can you ask for. At 338 metres, the Macau Tower is another perfect spot for a selfie. Just pick your own vantage point at the two Observation Decks and get clicking. In one word, it is sure to be stunning. Or if you prefer taking a selfie before you bungee jump from atop this tower (Macau Tower Adventure), then go ahead and show your friends your adventurous side.

4. Senado Square:
This interesting place is not only the starting point for your tour of historic Macao, but it’s also a good place to take a selfie. The buzzing backdrop of this town square with Portuguese-era heritage buildings, Portuguese style pavements and many shops and cafes will automatically compel you to take your phone out snap up the sites. If you are lucky, then you might be able to catch some local celebrations such as the Chinese Spring Festival and Christmas events as well as live performances for more memorable selfie moments. Senado Square is one of the best places to say that you are in Macao and in the heart of its interesting history.

Chinese New Year Celebrations at Senado Square

Chinese New Year Celebrations at Senado Square

5. Hac Sa Beach:
Also known as the ‘black sand beach’, this sandy haven is a good place for a little bit of R-n-R after you’re done with sightseeing in Macao. Just come here and chill and while you are at it, take some selfies with the unique black sandy stretch and the blue sea creating the perfect backdrop. Lots of lovely selfie ops at this beach, which is also the longest in Macao. Take a pleasant stroll and while you marvel at the sights and soak up the surf and salty air, let your phone do all the talking with a few scenic pictures for Instagram.


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