Destination guide for Macao

From delicious food, to jaw-dropping entertainment, cultural festivals, shopping and adventure, there are countless ways to experience MACAO!

Eat, Shop, Stay

Macao offers a wide variety in cuisines, shopping & accommodation catering to your specific tastes.


Spectacular and extravagant, Macao’s is a paradise for entertainment lovers! Dazzling performances await!


Macao’s interesting mix of Chinese and Portuguese cultures brings forth wide selection of sightseeing options within easy reach.

Events & Festivities

Whether it’s the festive celebration of Chinese New Year or the roar of Formula 1 cars, there’re always celebrations and festivities happening in the city.

Macao in Pictures

Catch glimpses of the different colours of Macao through these beautiful captures.

Macao Light Festival 2020

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The city that resonates with energy, passion and celebration - Macao. Plan your trip now!

What’s On?

1st International Film Festival & Awards – Macao

1st International Film Festival & Awards – Macao

The aim of the festival is to raise awareness and promote the various aspects of Chinese-language, East Asian and international cinema in all its forms: as entertainment and as an industry, as art and as a tool of dialogue, in a spirit of freedom and exchange. As well as all the sections mentioned in the following paragraphs, the festival may include retrospectives and tributes to major figures as a contribution towards raising awareness of the history of cinema.
The 1st IFFAM is pleased to invite Dante Ferretti, three-time winner of the Academy Award for Best Direction, to design our trophy

30th Macao International Music Festival

30th Macao International Music Festival

The Macao International Music Festival has been a melodious music journey since its birth on 24th October 1987.
Thirty years have passed, the Festival has grown and developed through hard times, and evolved to become a monumental experience. The annual rendezvous, together with dancing notes and exhilarative resonance, creates a channel for the artistic nutrients from different parts of the world to infuse into the pulse of the city. This broadens the horizon of the city to a global level and enhances the artistic humanism of the citizens.

Suncity Group 63rd Macau Grand Prix

Suncity Group 63rd Macau Grand Prix

Macao has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday. Travel to Macao is easy as visa is on arrival, making it a convenient destination for travelers, especially those who love taking short spontaneous trips. This year has some truly unique and enthralling experiences to offer. Macao has the perfect combination of rich culture and festivities to soak in, which makes this country an ideal destination for adventure seekers.
Recognized as the mostinternationally prestigious event on the local calendar, the legendary Macao Grand Prix is a motor-racing event held annually in Macao. It is known for being the only street circuit racing event, in which both car and motorcycle races are held.

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day

Feeling lucky? Random tourists can receive a complimentary souvenir upon arrival in Macao on World Tourism Day (27/9), with the city fully geared up for visitor activities of all kinds. One popular event is the fun-filled annual Tray Race (approx 3:00 pm), in which hotel and restaurant waiters and waitresses balance a bottle of beer on a tray whilst running from the Ruins of St. Paul’s to Senado Square. Plenty of spills and thrills – and some great photo ops!